5173252 Steering Pin Replacement For Ford/New Holland,Case/IH & Fiat

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5173252 Steering Pin Replacement For Ford/New Holland,Case/IH & Fiat

To Fit Case IH / International Harvester Models
65JXM, FARMALL 105A, FARMALL 115A, FARMALL 125A, FARMALL 140A, FARMALL 45A, FARMALL 55A, FARMALL 85A, FARMALL 95A, JX35T, JX40T, JX45T, JX70U, JX75, JX80, JX80U, JX85, JX90, JX90U, JX95, JX100U, JX1070U, JX1080U, JX1090U, JX1100U, MAXXUM 100, MAXXUM 110, MAXXUM 115, MAXXUM 120, MAXXUM 125, MAXXUM 130, MAXXUM 135, MAXXUM 140, MAXXUM 145, MAXXUM 150, MXM120, MXM130, MXM135, MXM140, MXU100, MXU110, MXU115, MXU125, MXU130, MXU135, PUMA 115, PUMA 125, PUMA 130, PUMA 130 – CVT, PUMA 130 – CVX, PUMA 140, PUMA 145, PUMA 145 – CVT, PUMA 145 – CVX, PUMA 160 – CVT, PUMA 160 – CVX

To Fit Fiat Models
L60, L65, L75, L85, L95, M100, M115, M160

To Fit Ford / New Holland Models
4635, 4835, 5635, 5640, 6635, 6640, 7635, 7740, 7840, 8160, 8240, 8260, 8340, T6.120, T6.125, T6.140, T6.145, T6.150, T6.155, T6.160, T6.165, T6.175, T6.180, T6010, T6020, T6030, T6040, T6050, T6060, T6070, T7.170, T7.185, T7.200, T7.210, TD5.105, TD5.115, TD5.85, TD5.95, TD5030, TD5040, TD5050, TD75D, TD80, TD80D, TD90, TD90D, TD95, TD95D, TD95D HC PLUS, TL60, TL60E, TL65, TL70, TL70A, TL75, TL80, TL80A, TL85, TL85E, TL90, TL90A, TL95, TL95E, TL100, TL100A, TM110, TM115, TM120, TM125, TM130,TM135, TM140, TN55, TN55D, TN65, TN65D, TN70, TN70D, TN75, TN75D, TS100, TS100A, TS110, TS110A, TS115, TS115A, TS120A, TS125A, TS130A, TS135A, TS80, TS90, TT35, TT4.55, TT4.75, TT40, TT45