Filter fuel genuine 84565884 1

Filter fuel genuine 84565884

£14.98 ex VAT


Filter fuel genuine upto serial no. 710158


New Holland T5000

T5030, T5040, T5050, T5060, T5070

New Holland TLA


New Holland TSA


New Holland T6010/T6020/T6030/T6040/T6050/T6060/T6070/T6080/T6090

New Holland T7030/T7040/T7050/T7060/T7070 Power & Range Command

New Holland T7.170/T7.185/T7.200/T7.210 Power & Range Command

New Holland T6.120/T6.140/T6.160/T6.165/T6.175 Electro Command/Dual Command

Because of the number of variations on this range please check the numbers on your old filters before ordering.

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Dimensions0.454 cm