Paint David Brown Chocolate brown 1 Litre Tractor Paint 1

Paint David Brown Chocolate brown 1 Litre Tractor Paint

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Paint David Brown Chocolate Brown 1 Litre

Fast drying and high resistant synthetic paint suitable for finishing of utilitary vehicles, machines and construction elements for interior and exterior use. Excellent weathering resistance.

Benefits– Short drying time and long working life
Application– Top coat for painting commercial vehicles, machines and structures indoors and outdoors
Properties– Highly stable
– Outstanding running qualities
– Excellent final hardness
– Stable sheen, gloss finish (DIN 67 530) >80%/60° (high-gloss)
– Compliant with solvent regulation (Austria, dated 1/1/96)
– Can be stored in original container for at least 3 years
– Binder base: modified alkyd resin
– Solid content: 52 – 58 by weight -%
– Delivery viscosity (DIN 53 211): thixotrope
– Spec. weight (DIN 51 757): 0, 97 – 1, 18 kg/l
TypeSynthetic resin
Capacity (l)1

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Dimensions1.18 cm