Short Motor Ford Tractor 6810 7610 7710 1

Short Motor Ford Tractor 6810 7610 7710

£2,594.80 ex VAT

Part No: VPB8026


Product information & Technical specification:
•Engine Type: BSD444T
•Bore: 111.778mm
•Stroke: 111.778mm
•Cylinders: 4
•Type: Turbo
•Crankshaft type: 76 teeth, 15.4mm balancer gear
•Balancer type: 15.4mm gear VPD1614 & VPD1615
•Cylinder head bolt size: 9/16” UNC
•Typical applications: Direct replacement, BSD444T: 7600, 7700, 6810, 7610, 7710 Also replaces, BSD442T: 7000, 7600 …Earlier specification engines with ½” UNC thread cylinder head bolts will also require cylinder head bolt kit VPA3924 and VPA5083 timing cover kit bolt kits to complete installation of the New Short Motor. …You will need the following additional items:
•Cylinder head gasket: VPA4303
•Cylinder head gasket set: VPA4103
• Bottom gasket set: VPC6106
•Oil pump: VPD1100
• Oil pump shaft: VPD1502

Additional information

Dimensions237 cm